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The Latest Episode: War, Intelligence, Mortality, the Holidays & the Primacy Of Values!

2023-12-03 - Episode 188 - A light conversation regarding Times of War, Artificial (and Real) Intelligence, Optimism vs. Mortality, The Primacy of Values & the Holiday Season ... getting the most out of every breath and every day on Earth.


The Latest Interview: A Chat with Mark Pellegrino! 

Join us as we talk to Mark Pellegrino, actor, activist, host of The Reality Check on YouTube, regular co-host of The Daily Objective & The Reality Show on The Ayn Rand Centre-UK, and all-around good guy. We discuss Mr. Pellegrino's career (including being anti-woke in 21st century Hollywood), his own personal, philosophical, and political journey, books and music (including his favorite punk rock bands)!

Returning soon: Keeping it Real with James Valliant & Robert Nasir, and Life on Earth with Robert Nasir, on the ARC-UK channel!

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"We are surrounded by miracles, not least of which is ourselves."