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Episode 219 - The Secret Of My (And Your) Success!

In which we discuss the one simple, powerful secret "they" don't want you to know!  
Current Events, Conspiracies, Robin Williams, Harry Potter VII, and more ice cream!  (Oh ... and Bye Bye, Biden!)


The Latest Interviews:

Jean Moroney and The Work of Happiness!

* How has Jean explored and expanded the Concept of Happiness?
* Why is an egoistic code necessary ... and why is it not enough? 
* We all know what we want ... or do we?
* Value orientation (versus threat orientation), integrating your values, the need for a Central Purpose, and the price of Happiness.

Scott Powell & The History of Tomorrow! 

 An interview with Scott Powell on history ... History At Our House, Knowable World, The History Of Now, and The History Of Tomorrow. Scott's new live course, as well his personal & intellectual journey, his experiences in education, the development of present-centrism, his unique, powerful perspective on history, and more.


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